Monday, May 5, 2008

A New Class of Exercises: Triads

If I gave you a penny, a pencil, and a pig, what would you do?

Well, you could sit and ponder on the profundity of the three-item situation - or you could write about it.

No, this is not one of them Hong Kong Gangster triads - it's a writing exercise that's meant to bring out the creative genius in you. "Once upon a time, a pig was sold for a penny to a pencil maker..." "Once upon a time, a penny-worth pencil dreamed it was a pig...."Once upon a time, a pencil sharpener fell amongst pigs in a pig sty - and there, it met a penny..."

Triads are meant to make you start thinking about how three things can come together logically (even illogically) in one story, essay, or even novel excerpt.

Hang on for more triads!

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