Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Complete it: It's Time to Go Back to Dreamland!

Not everyone dreams; and even if people do dream, they don't remember what they dreamed about. But sometimes, we dream so lucidly and vividly, we forget that we aren't in the world of reality at all!

The nice thing about dreams, however, is that sometimes, we can get the best stories from them. Discoveries, masterpieces, whole novels were made from dreams! Could you be the next big Dreamer?

This exercise aims to get you to remember your dreams, and to make you creatively articulate those dreams as well. All you need to do is to fill in the blanks. You don't have to write your answers down. You can talk them out, answer them in your head, or even use the Comments section of this blog to share your answers with the world!

Ready? Start dreaming as you start answering!

1. The best dream I had was ______________________. However, there is one thing or event that I really, really want to dream about, but never have; this is ________________.

2. If I could make people dream about me, I would choose _______, whom I now designate my special dreamer, to dream about me all the time. In that dream, I will _______________ and ______________, which will make my special dreamer feel ________ for/about me.

3. I once had a nightmare about ____________, and it was the worst nightmare that I ever had. To make sure that the nightmare didn't ruin my day, I ________________.

4. If I could control my dreams, I would dream about _____________ every night so that I can feel ______ when I wake up!

5. If you dream about ________, it means that you need to ___________ your ____________ so that you can feel _______________.

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