Monday, November 10, 2008

Yet Another Unblocking Exercise

Unblocking allows you to write whatever you want, at a pace that doesn't allow for editing, and sometimes, in an atmosphere that does not require a lot of thinking. Mind you, unblocking can be therapeutic as well – and it's time to show you how.

Write or type as much and as fast as you can. Don't worry about grammar or syntax, or whether you are logical and making enough sense to make Plato happy. Just write and let all your emotions out. Use this as your first sentence:

The one man that I don't think I could ever stand...

When you are done, walk outside, take a deep breath, and, if you can, don't read your work. Throw it out and use a new page for your next exercise. Sometimes, we have a lot of worries that entangle our thoughts and create unnecessary cobwebs in our heads. Unblocking is one way for you to get rid of your worries. Unblocking can even give you ideas for your writing!

Ready? It's time to use your emotions! Happy unblocking!

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