Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Do You Do When Things Go Wrong?

It's time to get to know yourself again! Fill in the blanks in the questionnaire below. See how you function as a person: who do you associate with? Who do you talk to? How well do you interact with people? Moreover: how creative are you in expressing your emotions?

The best writers don't just write: they know. Are you wise and observant enough, especially of yourself?

1. When I get exasperated with someone, I ___________.

2. If someone hurts me, I think ____________.

3. Once, ___________ said something hurtful, so I responded with __________ and I decided that I should _____________.

4. If someone breaks your heart once, you ___________; if that person breaks your heart again, then __________.

5. I believe ___________ is impossible if you love someone; __________ is impossible if you hate someone; and ____________ is impossible if you just don't care.

6. The saddest thing about loving someone is _____________; the nicest thing is ___________.

7. I wish the person that I love would just __________, because I am sick of him/her being so _________ when they should be _____________.

8. I know that things will go wrong if I see that ____________, and my way of responding to this “omen” is to ___________.

9. I don't understand why ___________ is such a __________ when he/she could very well be _________ and not hurt me.

10. It's sad to see _____________ doing so little with his/her life, since he/she can really be a good _________.

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