Sunday, July 12, 2009

Try an Almost-Cliche

Cliches are probably the most irritating thing that you can encounter in a novel. But if you can turn cliches around, then you can make a novel that is not just worth reading, but worth remembering. After all, when you make the familiar unfamiliar, you can take your readers on an adventure that they will never forget.

Are you ready for some creative turning around and somersaulting? Here are a few semi-cliches that you can creatively alter. Fill in the blanks by copying and pasting the following statements into your word processor, or print them out.

1. To __________ is ___________, but you can't _________ a ______________.

2. Being right isn't always _____________, and it's never ___________.

3. ___________ and _____________ will ___________ my ______________.

4. There is nothing to __________ but ____________.

5. If you want to __________ in ___________, you need to be ______________.

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