Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let’s Go to Dinner with Complete It

Complete it exercises are meant for you to distill your creativity to simple (and oftentimes, single) words. You need to make sense by filling in the blanks, and you need to find ways to fit your ideas in without making your sentence sound like it was coughed out by a chimp. In this exercise, you will complete the following sentences by filling in the blanks with any word you can imagine EXCEPT ANY WORD THAT HAS TO DO WITH FOOD, DRINK, OR ANYTHING EDIBLE.

Good luck!

1.For dinner, I would like to put _________ on my table.
2.I always enjoy _________ on the side of my ____________.
3.I like to cap my _____________ off with a glass of ____________.
4.If I go to a local restaurant, I will _________ the _________ on a ____________.
5.When I have more _________, I will buy __________ for ___________.
6.I don’t ever want to __________ a ________________.
7.I should take a friend to _________ with a ____________.
8.I want to ___________ and _________.
9.I know that I always want a good __________.
10.It wouldn’t hurt if I had more ________.

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