Sunday, September 6, 2009

Complete This Lovey-Dovey Entry

It's time to get some love into your writing! All you need to do is fill in the following blanks: but you MUST NOT be cheesy or mushy. You can be funny or silly, BUT DO NOT BE LOVEY-DOVEY.

This exercise should help you think out of the box, and above and beyond the usual, cliche-ish image of love portrayed in the mass media. Be creative! Be your own person, and have your own voice! Good luck, and happy completing!

1. ______ is a many-______ thing.
2. ______ is all you need.
3. I feel it in my _________; I feel it in my _________; ________ is all around me, and so the ______________.
4. _____ can be better than ______; but ______ is much worse than ________.
5. ______ is ______; ______ is ________
6. If you have no _______, then what good is _______?
7. When I _______ in ______, it will be _______.
8. Wise men say ___________, but I can't help ___________.
9. I wish ______ would not ______ when I ______ the ______.
10. ________ is good.

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