Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fill in a few _____

It's time to get to know yourself as a writer! Whether you base your characters on yourself or on your friends; whether your characters are people you actually know or people that just sprang out of your imagination, you need to know yourself as a writer. What do you do best? What are the things that need improvement?

Here are a few questions that may help you. You can pick up a piece of paper and write your answers down. You can answer the questions in your head. The key is to be truthful, creative (but not untruthful!), and to take note of the things that you say about yourself. This way, you know exactly what it is you like to do and where you should start learning more so that you can be a better writer.

1. My name is ________, and I am a writer. If my life were a novel, it would be entitled _________. This is because ________________.

2. I love writing ________ because ____________

3. Back in school, I wrote ______________. If I had written a novel when I was much younger, a critic would say that the novel was ___________.

4. I want to write a novel today, but I can't because _________. If I want to write a novel, I should ________.

5. I think my writing is _________. One step that I should take to improve my writing is __________.

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