Friday, June 20, 2008

Triad #1:

Sorry for being away for so long. Vacation was calling: Mother Nature gave me a nudge out the door and kicked me down the garden path. Serves me right for reading and studying too much.

Anyway, here's your first writing exercise! Our aim: fiction. You can write a short story, two paragraphs of something that you want to develop later, a movie script, or even a novel! (Prepare for the grueling month of novel writing come November and you'll walk away triumphant on 11/30/08).

You will need to write fiction incorporating these three things/persons:

1. a gardener
2. a ballpoint pen with purple ink
3. a CD filled with sappy love songs

The aim is not to write the longest story or the shortest one, but to incorporate these three things/persons in the most creative way possible. You can write in any language you like, using any format, as long as you're writing fiction.

Do post your work (or links to them) when you're done!

Good luck and happy writing!

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