Saturday, March 7, 2009

Going Back...Waaaay Back...

What if I woke up and I was 10 years old again?

Lots of movies and books have made this their plot - and now, it's your turn. Think it's easy? You need to recollect everything that happened when you were young, you need to remember what it was like to be ten, and you have to superimpose your age-old (or slightly older) wisdom onto the entire (potential) mess! Are you ready?

You simply need to write. Make your work as long or as short as you wish. You don't have any word or plot or even character limits. You can cover a day in your life, a week, a month, a year, even a moment! Post your work in the comments section, or leave a link there so that others can get a chance to read about your time travel fantasies (or nightmares).

Good luck, and happy writing!

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