Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who Are the People in Your (Printed) Neighborhood?

It's time to make a story, and you need to search for some characters! Just follow the steps below:

1.Open your phone directory
2.Search for your name. If you aren't in the directory, get a name that is closest to yours.
3.Take note of the name listed before yours. Call this person Character A.
4.Take note of the name listed after yours. Call this person Character B.
5.Designate yourself as Character C.

You are now going to write a short story that involves Characters A, B, and C; specifically, you need to make Character A search frantically for Character B, and you need to let Character B chase Character C. This has to be an exciting, pulse-pounding, less-than-5000 words short story.

When you are finished, post the story in the Comments section. Or if it's too long, provide a link to your suspenseful masterpiece.

Good luck and happy writing!

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