Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Do You Deal with Frustration?

Your emotions and your ways of dealing with them can help you be a better writer. How? By understanding your emotions and your coping mechanisms, you can probably write your characters better and give them life. After all, life is about handling things, and balance. If you recognize who you are, then you can give life to characters that would otherwise be cardboard cutouts without the ability to feel or know what to do with themselves.

So, how do you deal with emotions? Can you creatively fill in some blanks when asked about your emotions? Let's take frustration for this exercise: fill in the blanks below by either copying and pasting the statements into a word processor, or printing the statements out.

1. __________ never fails to disappoint me; I wish I had more _________ to deal with ___________.

2. I wish I had more patience, because when I see ___________, I always think that I should __________, but instead, I _________________.

3. When I am angry, I __________, because I __________; but I never __________, because that would be ___________.

4. when I am frustrated, I ___________, because I __________; but I never _________, because that would be ___________.

5. If the dinosaurs would live again, I would feed _________, ____________, and ___________ to them, and I would feel ____________.

6. Most of the time, when __________ isn't ___________ enough, I want to ___________.

7. I wish ___________ would stop being such a __________.

8. ___________ used to be so __________, and now, things have changed drastically, so that I feel ___________.

9. If there was a way to make ___________ understand why I am so ____________, I wouldn't hesitate to ____________!

10. _________ is a big _____________.

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