Monday, May 18, 2009

A Not-So-Encouraging Unblocking Exercise

In our last unblocking session, we told ourselves how good our writing was. We passed through the logic and made it into Let's-Ignore-the-Editors territory. We didn't care about sense. We didn't even need to post our work!

In this session, we still don't need editors or sense or a posting obligation. What we do need, however, is to turn the theme around. This time, we need to examine ourselves critically, and to critique our previous work with a discerning, unforgiving, and, as much as possible, objective eye. So pull out your piece of paper and your pen; or start up a new file on your computer. You are going to do more unblocking, and your theme is:

My writing is not that good.

Don't be afraid to pick out your faults, but at the same time, don't flagellate yourself for imaginary ones. Just write and keep on writing until you clear out the cobwebs. When you are done, give yourself another treat, this time as a reward for acknowledging your own faults. Eat at a local restaurant, get yourself some new clothes, or simply go to bed late after lounging in front of the TV for hours. The choice is yours.

Happy unblocking!

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