Friday, January 30, 2009

A What If? For Expectations

If the philosopher Karl Popper had his way, he'd tell the whole world how we're creatures of expectation. The laws of Nature are there because people put them there - in other words, we make our own laws because we consciously look for patterns in the world we live in.

Now, what if something that you thought would come true, something that you anticipated, something that you knew was going to happen - what if it didn't?

Get your pen out. Take out your pencil. Let your fingers float over the keyboard. It's time for you to write an essay on the following "What if?"

What if something that you were so excited about DID NOT take place?

This could be as simple as eating lunch at the right time today, or as complex as your own wedding. Now think: what would you do if all your best laid plans were laid to waste?

Don't forget to post your essays - or links to them - in the comments section! Good luck, and happy writing!


J Hugh Thomas said...

I always love these types of exercises. In fact, I think I get some of my best ideas from them. Nice post Rachel.

Rachel Everdene said...

Thank you for the comment! I'm glad you're getting great ideas. Good luck with the exercises!