Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Do You Talk to When things Get Rough? (Part 2)

It's time to get to know yourself again! Fill in the blanks in the questionnaire below. See how you function as a person: who do you associate with? Who do you talk to? How well do you interact with people? Moreover: how creative are you in expressing your emotions?

The best writers don't just write: they know. Are you wise and observant enough, especially of yourself?

1. I discuss silly things with ________ because silly things make me ____________ and he/she can help me __________.

2. When someone makes me feel sad, I go to _________ for ___________ so that I don't wake up the next day and think _____________.

3. If I get hurt, I never talk to __________ because he/she can make me feel ____________ when I should be ______________.

4. I used to be able to talk to ____________ about ____________, but he/she is now ___________.

5. If I didn't have __________, I would probably be __________.

6. The best coping mechanism to get rid of __________ is to __________ with _________ over __________.

7. One of my biggest regrets is not talking to _____________ about ____________, because at that time, _________________.

8. One of my biggest regrets is talking to _______________ about ______________, because this is what happened after: ___________________.

9. I love talking to ______________ and getting ____________ when I feel ______________.

10. One day, I will talk to __________ about __________ and finally ________________.

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