Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Healing the World?

It's time to know yourself better once again, and to fill in the blanks creatively. Here are a few questions about the things and people that you love best, and it's up to you to choose which blanks they fall into, and how your sentences will make sense.

Copy and paste the numbered sentences below into a word processor, or print them out and answer them on paper. By filling in the blanks, you don't only know yourself, but you also give yourself a challenge by choosing which words will go where.

1. The world would be so much better if there were no ___________, and if there were more __________.

2. My idea of heaven: unlimited time to __________, unlimited quantities of ___________, and absolutely no _____________.

3. My idea of hell: unlimited time to __________, unlimited quantities of ___________, and absolutely no _____________.

4. I believe I would be a better person if I had more of ____________ and less of ____________.

5. Most of my friends are __________, and I hope they stay that way, because if they were _________, I would ________________.

6. When I am alone, I _________, but I wish I had more time to ___________.

7. There is no such thing as _______________ because __________.

8. If love were a __________, then I would be a _____________, and the world would be ____________.

9. I wish there was more ___________ in the world, because with all the ____________ now, I think we'd all end up ____________ or _______________ one day.

10. The world is _____________, and not ___________, as some people say it is.

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