Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Sentence: A Special Shoutout to Teachers!

Let's give a shoutout to all the teachers who have made our lives both better and worse; who have been both inspiration and sources of desperation; and who have enriched our experiences, whether in school or out.

To celebrate our teachers, pick up your pen and get your paper ready. Or, open a new file on your PC and float those fingers over the keyboard. You need to write a short story about a teacher.

Use no more than 2000 words. Pick your setting: you can have a professor in a university or a teacher in a pre-school. Pick your plot: you can have people falling in love or students falling to their knees, begging for a passing grade.

Ah - and use this as your last sentence:

"It was all I needed to learn."

Post your work in the comments section, or post a link so that others can read your work. Happy Writing!

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